Nigunim Home for At-Risk Adolescent Girls is a long-term, supportive living environment for at-risk, adolescent girls from ultra-Orthodox families throughout Israel.


Nigunim caters to girls between the ages of 13 and 19 who are in need of a safe living environment and rehabilitation.

Nigunim provides physical shelter and protection, as well as spiritual and emotional support for Orthodox at-risk adolescents.

A supportive environment that recognizes their religious backgrounds and helps them create healthy links to family, friends and community.

Academic assistance, vocational training, conventional and alternative psychological therapies and a wide variety of activities, which address the residents’ range of individual needs.

A program to improve their emotional stability and overall mental health, to build confidence and to guide them toward productive, independent lives

The Bat Melech team is involved in educational activities and frequently gives lectures to students, rabbis, policemen and others.

To schedule a lecture please contact our office.